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Do you have a special soirée coming up? Our impressive XL board is beautiful, tasty, and will appeal to all palates as your guests graze to create their favorite combinations of sweet and savory. This size board features 7-8 cheeses, 5 charcuterie meats, seasonal fruit, veggies, local jelly, gourmet small-batch grain mustard, 3 oz jar of honey, various accoutrements, and fresh garnish. Serves 20*.

We can provide this on a disposable plant-based tray or you can pay a small deposit and borrow a gorgeous wooden tray from us. All you need to prepare for is to recieve compliments - this board is certainly going to wow your guests! 

All of our boards come with one bag of assorted crackers, we highly recommend adding a small bread and cracker plate when ordering this board for the ideal crackers ratio.

*These serving size recommendations are for appetizers. Consider sizing up if you’d like to enjoy as your main meal.

XL Charcuterie Board

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