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About Us

Cleaver & Clove offers an unmatched, unique and sophisticated culinary experience to the Tuscaloosa community. We are thrilled to introduce thoughtfully orchestrated & approachable community culinary classes, exquisite "boutique" catering, private chef services, and our philanthropy-driven comfort soup mission.

We are grateful to have you here and invite you to use the menu to explore the various offerings we are so proud to present to our community. 

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About Our Executive Chef

Passion fuels every aspect of my culinary creation. Coming from a place of gratitude and personal growth, I describe my kitchen as a sanctuary where everyone is nurtured and welcome. The plate is my pulpit with a message of love, acceptance, and comfort being as much of an element as any tangible ingredient.

Since early childhood cooking is what I turned to for refuge or to numb the sting of unkindness and exclusion. I would sit on the floor after tough days of school and watch “Chefs of the World” on tv. I’d study every move of world-class chefs. They were usually speaking French or Italian so I had no idea what they were saying. Dyslexia made it hard to read the captions quickly enough. So just like I still do with most things - I just winged it. At 11 years old I attempted my first soufflé which is arguably the most difficult dish for even a skilled chef to produce. When it rose beautifully, I knew I was hooked. Later in life, while friends partied I moved into the role of the nurturer. I hated beer (and still do) so house parties, for me, meant cooking spaghetti or egg sandwiches to sober everyone up. One of these nights, my habit of "food healing" saved a friend's life when I recognized he was in a T1 diabetic seizure and responded by shoving a sugary treat in his mouth. (Glad you are still with us Rod)


Unceasing training, fervor and persistence has offered me amazing opportunities to govern the galley aboard mega-yachts and to chef for high-profile private clients. I am now excited to share my heart-song with Sweet Home Tuscaloosa, Alabama! With complete excitement I am so proud to introduce Cleaver & Clove as a platform to offer private chef services, "boutique" catering, fine charcuterie, culinary classes and - most importantly - comfort soup philanthropy.


Passion is a key element of amazing food but safety is also critical and I do not cut corners in this department. I am a certified food protection manager (ServSafe Manager & Level 2 Food Safety & Hygiene Certified under European Union Regulation) and I hold an additional allergen-aware certification. I work out of a commercial kitchen to comply with health department guidelines. I believe in sourcing as many local ingredients as possible and working with the best proteins while also honoring the traditions and cultures behind the food I prepare.

I look forward to sharing my passion with you, nurturing you, teaching you, and hearing your food stories. I hope to have the honor of serving you and those you hold dear with the same care and curated approach as you'd find in posh eateries.


Let's eat!

Chef Alison Hudnall

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Tuscaloosa Private Chef

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